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Changes In The AHBL

So, this has been a long time coming, but figured I'd make the announcement.

I'm winding down the public DNSbl services of the AHBL.

This means the,, lists are all going away, as is the public lookup/removal tool.

There's a few reasons why this is coming about - one of them being that I feel that I've accomplished what I set out to do with the AHBL.

We had an 11 year run - quite good IMHO.  We've been sued (and won), DDoS'd, Real Life(tm) stalked, had other people in this community turn their backs on us because we made some hard decisions they didn't agree with...  List could go on for a while.


I expect that over the next few days (Sat. at the latest) I'll be clearing out the three main zones of data, and removing their NS records shortly after.

I'm planning Jan 1st, 2015 to wildcard the DNSbl zones for anyone that doesn't bother to maintain their mail services.

The website isn't going anywhere, neither is any of our docs and things like the kook mail.

We do have some private services that will keep running - and I'm likely going to be offering invitations to our private DNSbl list at some point in the near future.

There is a good chance that I'll be reopening the RHSbl under a new name down the line as well.


-- Brielle