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Last Notice: Wildcarding of Services Jan 1st

As promised in April, on Jan 1st, 2015, i'll be wildcarding all zones no longer in operation - this includes,, and  This means that these services will return positive responses for any queries.

If you are still using these services, this may cause you to incorrectly tag e-mail as spam, or create other unintended consequences.  Fix and maintain your servers, now.  Do not contact us about 'removing' your domain or IP address from our lists, as there is nothing we can do for you.

The query load is still high enough that I can not justify allocating the resources necessary to support queries from people who refuse to properly maintain their mail servers.

For those who are using the old '' list - you've been using a DNSbl list which has been shut down for around FOUR YEARS.  You should be checking to verify that the lists you use are still working or not.  I removed the test entry of '' years ago, which your monitoring systems should have noticed and warned you about.