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Alyssa Harn of SFIA/Guidelines - (10/16/2013)

E-Mail message received from Alyssa Harn, representing SFIA ( after requesting opt-in information in re of an e-mail address of her list (salutation and signature trimmed for brevity).


From: Alyssa Harn <>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 21:25:25 -0700

I am providing you with honest answers. If you would like to think otherwise that is your
prerogative. Your hostility toward me is remarkably uncalled for and unprofessional. I
received an automated email from our mail-server that said we were flagged by an RBL, 
which is why I referred to you as such, but thank you for feeling the need to correct me. 
I contacted you expecting to have a professional conversation to get this resolved. I see 
now that I will have to advise my company to contact a legal adviser, as our rights are 
being violated. Thanks again so much for your time; I hope you enjoyed reading this 
email. Expect to be contacted by our legal representative in the near future.

As per our standard policy, we do not accept removal requests if sender is unable to provide details on how the address was added to the mailing list in the first place.  Such lists without proper documentation of how addresses were obtained, carry the risk of sending e-mail to spam traps, and create a situation where the validity of the list can be called into question.