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Barbara Schwarz

Since early 2005, a woman by the name of Barbara Schwarz has been terrorizing the NANAE newsgroup with her constant redundant and abusive postings about the people she does not like or agree with.

Before she was even in NANAE, she was terrorizing A.R.S. (alt.religion.scientology) for years with her babble and kookery.  It wasn't until she started cross-posting to the NANAE newsgroup did anyone in the spam fighting community really care.  However, she crossed from a minor annoyance to a full grown kook that has a serious psychatric history and even has the Scientologists feeling sorry for her.

Q: What are the claims that Barbara makes in her posts?

A: She claims to be the daughter of L. Ron Hubbard of the infamous Scientology cult, and the granddaughter of President Eisenhower. She also commonly goes on and on about people conspiring against her in a plot to cover up the truth about who she is.  A quote from the Salt Lake Tribune:

"Schwarz believes she was born in approximately 1956 at a secretive government compound "submarine base" called Chattanooga on the Great Salt Lake, the alleged daughter of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and the granddaughter of President Eisenhower, although there is no proof of any such place or relationship.

The ensuing story reads like a science fiction novel -- kidnapping by Nazis, mind control, conspiracy, hidden fortunes, faked deaths, insane asylums, cover-ups and microchips implanted in unsuspecting peoples' heads..."

Q: Have any of her claims ever been proven?

A: As far as we know, no. However, in her quest to prove her side, shes become known as a FOIA Terrorist for filing more bogus Freedom Of Information Act requests then anyone else in history.  After not getting the answers she wanted, even after straining our government to comply with her requests, she decided to name in a 2,307 page lawsuit over 3,000 defendants.

Q: Has she teamed up with anyone in her quest for kookdom?

A: She is now working with the infamous FreeSpeechStore, which takes away her credibility even more (not that she had much in the first place...).  She often duplicates postings of attacks against other people on the FreeSpeechStore website.

Her actual threat level is quite low, since her nutty behavior has caused people to take her with a grain of salt.

She also seems to think that 'articles' posted on the FreeSpeechStore's website are 'headlines' and regularly spams on behalf of the site from various IP ranges through Google Groups.

More recently, she made an attempt to interfere with the FSS vs AHBL, et al lawsuit by submitting a convoluted statement containing irrelevant information and her usual spiel about how the Internet is out to get her.

Q: Why hasn't her ISP done anything to curb her Usenet abuse?

A: She posts from a library in Salt Lake City, that gets their Internet access from the Utah Educational Network.  UEN supposedly receives MANY complains about her, but according to their policies, they will let the library where she is causing the abuse from handle the issue. 
See update below for more information

A: She currently posts via an ISP called and, neither of which are responding to abuse complaints.  In response, the AHBL has now listed parts of both networks as sources of abuse due to her relentless attacks, spamming, and abusive behavior on Usenet

Q: How can the library get removed from the AHBL?

A: By holding Barbara to a certain level of standards that are more appropriate then her current ranting and raving that she is showing on Usenet when she uses their network.  This does NOT mean we want to censor her Internet access - but rather she needs to be informed of acceptable behavior on the Internet.  Cross posting to off-topic newsgroups on Usenet is unacceptable, as is being abusive and repeatedly posting the same ranting over and over just because she does not like anyone.  If she can not behave properly, she should not be allowed to use the library's computers.

As of October 21st 2005, it appears that the Salt Lake City Library has terminated her access to their computers and network.  As per AHBL policies, we have delisted the UEN netblock that she was posting from.

She now appears to be posting from AOL,, and possibly

Q: Where can I find out more information?

A: A quick search on Google for "Barbara Schwarz" will give you a rather detailed listing of her past exploits.  Russell Miller also has an excellent page with resources on her here.

Links on information regarding her and the fantasy quest she is on:

Salt Lake City Tribune - S. L.Woman's Quest Strains Public Records System - Response motion in by Barbara Schwarz in case vs. Salt Lake Tribune - The FOIA Terrorist - B.S. Makes News Of The Weird - "I sued the Salt Lake Tribune" - Woman pursues Oregon public records - lots of them - Yet another kook suit from Barbara Schwarz - 98-2406.pdf (0/1) - Psycho-Barb in the news
Utah Court Of Appeals - B.S. vs Salt Lake Tribune and others
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(and to think she has the gall to call other people criminals)
Freedom Of Information Act And Barbara Schwarz

Q: What is Barbara's normal tactics for dealing with people she does not like?

A: Barbara attacks anyone and everyone who she disagrees with - which is a common tactic of individuals who follow the Scientology ways. She uses A.R.S to post the dirt she digs up on people, and posts the same material over and over again relentlessly with no attention to the fact that noone else cares about her attacks.

To try and get around being called a spammer for her many postings, Barbara creates an extra long signature (which is way above the recommended 3-4 lines at most) with one or two sentences of actual response to the post.

Her belief is that as long as she is the one doing the attacking, that is fine and within her 'rights' as 'free speech'  (note however that according to some sources, Barbara isn't an American citizen and is illegally in the USA).  However, the minute anyone points out flaws in her attacks, or calls her past into question, she turns into a frothing loon and claims defamation.

Another common tactic is for her to claim illegal actions by another individual, but refusal to actually show where it says the actions are illegal.

Q: Barbara says that filing abuse reports to her ISP about her behavior is illegal and a felony.  Is that true?

A: No, hardly.  Filing abuse reports is a standard procedure online whenever abuse of network resources is suspected.  This is why contact information is required in ARIN and domain WHOIS records, as well as why the SMTP RFCs call for a postmaster@ and abuse@ address on all domains.

Barbara tends to file either herself or through one of her shills abuse reports to the people she disagrees with - therefore, if it was illegal to file abuse reports, she would be committing a crime herself.

Q: How can posts from Barbara be easily identified?

A: All of Barbara's posts come from systems in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.  As much as she would like to deny it, she uses other names to try and support her position (of course forgetting that the IP address she is posting from is included in every header, which gives the posts away as being from her), repeating the same dribble over and over again relentlessly.

The list of known addresses and aliase that she uses to post on Usenet is:

The IP address ranges she is known to post from: (SLC Library terminated access as of Oct 21st, 2005)

Q: Why has she been targeting the SOSDG/AHBL lately?

A: Barbara is desperate to get this page removed, knowing full well that it will not come down.  She has made no attempt to change her ways, and continues to abuse usenet and the UEN network for her own purposes.

The AHBL has given Barbara the oppertunity to correct what she considers inaccurate information on this page, however she refuses to provide evidence to back up her claims of inaccurate information.

Q: Why has she been targeting Wikipedia lately?

A: In response to an article created on Wikipedia, Barbara has tried to bend the content on the page to her view on the events that supposedly happened in her life.  Over the course of several weeks, Barbara deleted the content of the page, changed it to include personal attacks against people she doesn't agree with, and assert claims she can not prove.

Interesting edits from the Wikipedia page:

10:17, September 8, 2005 (Barbara at SLC library, attacks against user Tilman)

She has also been editing her page and the talk page under numerous sock puppets:

Bach rocks
Vicky Platin
Randolph Red
Wendell Stone
Polar Radius
Fearless witness
Marsha Summers

Q: Both Barbara Schwarz and Richard Scoville continue to assert that they did not lose San Antonio case 2005-CI-19492. What really happened in the case?

A: The case against the AHBL was dismissed with prejudice to re-filing in Texas on Jan. 6th, 2006.  The AHBL was represented by Mary Claire Fischer, Attorney At Law, Bexar County, TX.  You can see our detailed page of the incident here.


Q: Who is the Anonymous Press Pioneer (APP) that Barbara keeps doing 'interviews' with?

A: The 'APP' is just another sock puppet of Barbara, created in her mind to further justify her attacks on everyone.  She tries to present her bizarre and downright nasty behavior in a legitimate light.  One has to wonder if Barbara sits in front of a mirror asking herself questions during the interview?

Q: Is this page a statement of absolute fact?

A: No.  This page is a collection of resources and opinions others have posted on the web about Barbara Schwarz, as well as information she provided herself either via newspapers, court documents, or Usenet.  As such, each item is up to the reader to decide how accurate it is, and draw their own conclusions.