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SORBS Talkback on Escalated Listings

SORBS has posted an excellent article in their Talkback blog relating to Escalated Listings.  The AHBL follows the same methodology and beliefs as SORBS on this matter - we tend to be extremely aggressive when it comes to ISPs and providers that know about abuse, but choose to ignore it.

GoDaddy Misinformation

It has come to our attention that GoDaddy Abuse Department has been responding to users complaints about our listing of their space with misinformation.

Unfortunately, the issue that caused the AHBL to list our IP space is based on a personal dispute between site owners, and is not actually tied to any spam or abuse situation.

This is an outright lie.  GoDaddy has had evidence for years that the user in question is a known spammer and uses abuse, harassment, and intimidation to conduct his 'business'.

Contact And Removal Advice

The AHBL handles dozens of removal requests each day from people who have been listed in our database for one reason or another.  Some handle it professionally, while others go off the deep end.

You'll notice on the SOSDG Wiki and in our Documents section here, we take great pride in posting messages from people who step over the line.  The people who go through the proper channels find that their requests are handled promptly and everyone leaves the table happy.

Restoring Old Content

You may have noticed over the past week or two that we've been restoring old content from the pre-CMS AHBL website.  Much of it is in the Documents section of our website, and some of it is rather dated.  However, some things never change with the spammers/kooks.

No access from China

Due to state sponsored hacking and espionage, we've implemented a policy of blocking all traffic to/from China's IP ranges at our core routers.  This block will remain in effect until China's government decides to grow up and play by the rules the rest of the world does.

If this creates a problem for you accessing our resources, then perhaps you might want to move to a less oppressive country.

AHBL Policy: blocking of hosts with rdns of 'localhost'

Due to an increasing amount of spam from hosts with invalid reverse DNS, the AHBL has instituted a policy of listing IPs with obviously invalid reverse DNS that are seen spamming.

As an example, the AHBL has seen an increased amount of spam from, assigned to "Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications".  This entire range has reverse DNS of 'localhost' making it nearly impossible to identify what these hosts are (dynamic, static, servers, home users, etc).

Site Upgrade/Rebuild

We are currently in the process of upgrading and rebuilding our website.  For the time being, features and content will be limited.

However, this does not mean that the AHBL is down, or non-functional.  We're still adding abusive hosts, tracking spam bots, and watching the bad guys as always.  Database updates are hourly.

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